The New England Music Awards are presented every year to the musicians who call New England their home and whose dedication, spirit, and achievements over the last year have without a doubt established themselves as a contributing force to the most robust and diverse music scene in the country. The NEMA nominating committee consists of journalists from music publications, radio personalities, talent buyers, and record label execs collectively representing all six New England states.

The goal of NEMA is to celebrate and recognize some of the areas best musical achievements. Every year NEMA will nominate over 100 artists and/or bands spanning a number of categories and genres of popular music in New England, including the coveted individual state awards which will select one band/act from each of the six states as its Best In State.

The NEMA Nomination Committee will also select one winner in three Individual Award categories which are presented to the artist or band for their years of outstanding achievement and contribution to the New England music scene.

Name Title State
Adam Klien Event Marketing MA
Alex Budhey Talent Buyer VT
Andy Kaufman Journalist NE
Angel Moralas Talent Buyer CT
Anngelle Wood Radio Personality MA
Ashley Rowe Talent Buyer NH
Ben Ricci Editor NE
Billy Copeland Writer MA
Bob Kinny MV Jazz Fest / Producer NE
Britney Durgin Editor MA
Brittany Durgin Journalist MA
Cady Drell Editor MA
Cat Wilson Radio Personality MA
Chris Conti Journalist RI
Chris Danmead Radio Personality MA
Chris Desimone Radio Personality NH
Chris Face Journalist VT
Christina Janansky Writer MA
Dan Journalist CT
Dan Bolles Journaist VT
Dana Marshall Radio Personality MA
Daniel Shiffer Journalist MA
Daphne Lee Martin CEO/Studio CT
Dave Deluca NE Americana Fest / Producer NE
David Golden Radio Personality CT
Dennis Marrow Talent Buyer MA
Donna Larsen Editor CT
Harry Hawkins Radio Personality NH
J. Patrick Brown Editor MA
Jay Kenney Co-Owner/Limelight Magazine & JKB Booking RI
Jess Phaneuf Radio Personality MA
Jillian Locke Writer NE
Jim Roach Talent Buyer NH
Joe Adler Talent Buyer VT
John Guregian Radio Personality MA
John Shea Radio Personality MA
John Shea Radio Personality MA
Julia R. DeStefano Journalist MA
Karrie Bulger Radio Personality CT
Katie Botelho Radio Personality ME
Katie Botelho Co-Owner/Limelight Magazine & JKB Booking RI
Kyle Tancrell Organic Agency MA
Laura Goldfarb Publicist/Radio Personality NE
Matt Crue Radio Personality CT
Matt Denaro Station GM MA
Matt Smith Talent Buyer MA
Max Bowen Radio/Jouranist MA
Michael Bernier Radio Personality NH
Mike Flynn Radio Personality MA
Mitch Candiano Talent Buyer MA/NH
Noel Coakley NE Americana Fest / Producer NE
Perry Journaiist MA
Peter Telge Talent Buyer NH
Peter Van Ness Promoter MA
Phil Simon Talent Buyer NH
Randi Millman Talent Buyer MA
Rich Martin Talent Buyer & Managing Director CT
Rob Sullivan Editor CT
Ryan Spaulding Journailst MA
Ryan Vangel Talent Buyer MA
Scott Hayward Talent Buyer NH/VT/MA
Sean Patrick Murray Talent Buyer & Promoter CT
Stephen Quirk Owner/Factory Portland ME
Steve Farro Round Cat Records NH
Steve Gaetze Talent Buyer MA
Tom Kidd Editor NE
Troy Tyree WCUW MA
William Readey CEO/Studio CT
Zack Derby Radio Personality NH
MoeJoe Marino Promoter/Videographer MA
William Hurley Editor/Alternate Root TV


Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez Photo Journalist CT
Cherly Lodovico Talent Buyer/Outside The Box Boston MA